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5 tips for an enjoyable, stress free Christmas



For many year’s I worked right up until Christmas Eve evening and really struggled to put together a great Christmas for my kids.  I definitely did it the hard way, which is leaving everything to the last minute, until I worked out that there was an easier, happier and less stressful way to do Christmas.  So here are my 5 tips on how to make everyone’s Christmas more enjoyable and less stressful this year:

  1. Plan: There are only six weeks until Christmas and if you plan on creating or hosting any sort of Christmas celebration, large or small, it will be a lot less stressful if you start planning now.
  2. Use a calendar: Record every event you know you need to attend and any other significant commitment or impacting factor, until January such as family commitments, school break-up, work commitments, holiday and travel plans, arrival and departure of guests, parties, drinks, dinners. This way you won’t double book anything and disappoint people.  
  3. Make lists: Make lists of guests who might be staying with you and ensure you have sleeping arrangements organised. Make gift lists now, because by just making a list it will trigger your mind to be on the lookout for suitable gifts on your travels. Make a food list, so you won’t forget to order the turkey or ham and you’ll know when you need to pick up the seafood.
  4. One job at a time: As most people work full time, if you utilise lunch breaks by doing one job at a time, to either shop in person or ordering things online, things will get done and you will still be able to enjoy your weekends.
  5. Relatives or friends overseas: Start writing Christmas cards for overseas friends and family now, so you’ll be able to send them by the first week of December or even go online and buy them a Christmas decoration this year, which will be even easier.

If you would like to hear these in an interview I did for Chanel 10 News check it out below:

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