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ochristmastree.com.au contributes to several projects to help disadvantaged and disabled Vietnamese adult workers by directly commissioning them to make hand stitched and hand crafted ochristmastree products.  In so doing ochristmastree is helping these workers to earn vital income to improve their quality of llfe. One of the community groups, called Mekong Quilts, enables women to earn extra income and stay at home in their villages to be with their families and children, rather than having to leave their villages to find work.

Ochristmastree donates 10% of profit back to these projects. Vietnam has a population of 90 million and not enough work for its disadvantaged and disabled people, some of whom are skilled craftsmen and have time, willingness and the need to work.

Quilter’s stories

With thanks to Vietnam Quilts / Mekong Quilts, Community Development Non-Profit Organisation. November 2012 Newsletter

The global financial crisis has cast a dark shadow on all the economies of the world, including Vietnam. Mekong Quilts has experienced a general slowdown; this has lead to the withdrawal of some quilters from some projects. However, the management board has tried it’s best to balance the workload, equalizing earning opportunities and enhancing orders to improve the quilters’ living conditions and to attract more women to join in the project. A remarkable improvement has been seen with the average income of quilters increasing from 500.000 – 600.000VND/person/month to 1.200.000 – 1.500.000/person/month. Here are some stories that our quilters were happy to share: 

Nguyen Thi Thuy

quilter-1-1.jpg'Five years ago, we were all rice farmers and seasonal workers with rather little, unstable income'. Thuy started the story. 'However, things have changed dramatically, our family (6 relatives) are now  all quilters. We are part of Mrs. Phuong, Mrs. Ca and Mrs. Dao’s group.  We are so happy to become qualified quilters and are able to earn a stable income. The salary pays off my entire house’s interior. I am so proud to be part of the ‘quilters’ family'. 
'Everyone in my family loves this job so much. Thanks to the project, we are no longer  short of works. My average monthly salary of 2.000.000 – 3.000.000 has become our family’s main income, which is really meaningful to me. I wish to be part of this ‘family’ forever'.

Chiem Thi Be

quilter-2-2.jpgBeing a member of the quilters group managed by Mrs. Nguyet, Be has been with Mekong Quilts for 4 years now. She spends all her income on her children’s education. One child is in 11th grade; the other is in 4th grade.




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